The Bug Lady Pest Control takes pride in providing ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL. (AKA Green)

We are concerned for the environment and provide safe kid/pet friendly service.

If you ever have any questions,  feel free to contact me personally.  "The Bug Lady".


Residential Pest Control Services

Our Pest Control Service is better for the planet. The difference is important since it effects everyone including your children and house pets.


icon-ant Ants
icon-earwig Earwigs
icon-mosquitoe Mosquitoes
icon-bedbug BedBugs
icon-scorpian Scorpions
icon-blackwidow Black Widows
icon-bee Bees
icon-cockroach Cockroaches
icon-rat Rats & Mice
icon-cricket Crickets
icon-Spider Spiders
icon-termite Termites


Next Steps...

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