eco friendly pest control

Our Approach

Being "green" in the pest control industry has not always been that popular or for that matter that easy. It was you, the end user, who finally drove our industry to create pest solutions that were safe for our environment. Because of you, and also with the aid of the EPA, our products are made safer for kids, pets, and are also safer and easier to use.

My Story

In the past, when our customers asked us to be "green" or "eco-friendly" we didn't have the options that we do today. Products and solutions were just not available to the professional pest control operator.

Now, The Bug Lady offers a solution that includes YOU, the home owner. You and I, with the aid of Integrated Pest Management, can provide a safe environment for your home and less toxic waste on our environment.

I started in the Pest Control back in the 90's. Back then we really didn't understand nor have the ability to offer any service other than "spray 'em, kill 'em" method. IPM (integrated pest management) was more of a buzz word than in our every day work. IPM was used primarily in hospitals and schools.

A few years ago, I decided to start promoting "eco-friendly" pest control. I was surprised at how quickly it took off. I saw a real need in our industry. I was grateful to have the opportunity to fill that void.

Now, other pest control companies are beginning to take notice. I can take pride in knowing that THE GREEN BUG LADY was able to be in front of that trend.

Stephanie Arwine


Founder & CEO

Next Steps...

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