Spider Pest Control

Spiders are an extremely large and diverse group with thousands of species. While most spiders are harmless a few are dangerously venomous. Spider identification can be very tricky, however, you may be able to figure identification by comparing your specimen to a drawing or photograph or looking for key identifying markings.


What's important for most people is to be able to accurately identify the poisonous or venomous species that occur around where they live. In the Arizona the species most commonly blamed for venomous bites are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider.

The brown recluse spider is a small brown spider with a violin shaped marking on its head, and the black widow is a black spider with a red hour glass shaped marking on its abdomen. Once you learn to recognize and avoid these venomous species, you can be more cautious to prevent being bitten.


The first step to ridding your home of these scary pests is to clean up. Make sure that all crumbs and food debris are gone, this will also help with ant control. Second, plug up any holes or cracks. Spiders can fit through even the tiniest of cracks in your home, find the spiders entry source and plugging it up will be a great step in ridding your house of these pests. And finally, trapping spiders is another eco-friendly method of extermination. Hiding glue boards behind appliances and other dark places will help to trap spiders and many other pests.

Consider these organic options for spider removal as well; essential oils, lavender oil, bay leaves, pepper, mint, lemon, orange and herb extracts are all things that can aid in spider control. Using lemon or orange scented cleaners in your home will also help to prevent spiders as well as placing eucalyptus around your home in drawers, closets, and other dark spaces that you may be seeing these pests more than you’d like!



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