Earwig Pest Control

Earwigs are small to medium size, brownish colored insects. An earwig's most distinctive feature is a pair of "forceps", or "pincers", at the tail end. These forceps distinguish earwigs from some beetles with which they may be confused.


Earwigs are harmless despite the fearsome appearance of the pincers. They can damage garden plants when they chew ragged, irregular holes in leaves, flowers and fruit. Earwigs require damp conditions and are generally found under some type of cover.

How to control earwigs around the house:

Most of the time earwigs do not need to be actively controlled since healthy plants will outgrow small amounts of earwig damage. Limit moisture as much as possible and remove debris that might serve as hiding places. Occasionally, however, earwig numbers may build to the point that an active control program is needed.




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