Why Should You Choose The Bug Lady As Your Pest Control Company?

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Eco Friendly Pest Control Alternative

My story started 20 years ago when I first started working for a lawn care company. After working there for 3 years, the owner decided to sell his business. He saw something that I didn’t see in myself. He saw that with some mentorship, I could run a lawn care business.
I took his help and then added pest control service two years later. I didn’t spend large sums of cash to market. I did it the old fashion way. One customer at a time, one referral at a time.
I later learned how to build, brand and market using a website and social media. The rest is history.
I know you have a choice when it comes to pest control services. Thanks for choosing me.

Our pest control company provides ENVIRONMENTALLY-RESPONSIBLE Pest control services!

We offer safe and effective control of scorpions, roaches, ants, crickets, spiders, ticks, fleas and other general household pests

What Does Eco Friendly Mean?

We provide our ECO FRIENDLY service by using ECO PCO products that are National Organic Program compliant ( NOP ) along with other natural, non toxic materials inside your home. We inject the materials in the cracks and crevices where pests hide, yet it is inaccessible to children and pets, making it completely safe. We treat your home and yard using baits and other environmentally responsible materials to create barriers.

We also treat pests where they live and breed, which provides you with the best level of control while using the least amount of chemicals.

The Bug Lady Pest Control company has been GREEN since 2002.

One of the products we use on the inside is called Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth, once refined, resembles talcum powder. It is made from one-cell plant organisms that are found on the bottom of large bodies of water. It acts as a desiccant on pests (it cuts them up and dries them out). It’s a fantastic way have control without chemicals in your home.

Other National Organic Program Compliant Products we use are made of Thyme, Cedar, Guava Fruit and Rosemary. Many of the botanical products we use do not need EPA approval, because they are so safe, they are considered edible and have an FDA approval.

Price is determined by pest problems, square footage, and frequency. Our prices are competitive and no contracts are necessary. Contact The Bug Lady for free pest control quotes or submit an email request to see if our pest control company is right for you.

"THE BUG LADY", has over 20 years of pest control experience and personally assures your satisfaction when dealing with her staff and services. Please feel free to ask our staff of professional’s questions, and utilize our expertise, our commitment to being ECO-FRIENDLY and our experience at Lady Bug to assist you with your exterminating and pest prevention needs.  I sincerely hope you will chose our green pest control company for help!









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